Summer League 2019

League will run every Thursday evening @ 6:00 PM between May 30 and September 26 2019.

League Format:
Each week will be 1 round (12 holes) of stroke play, and each week your round will contribute to your overall Average score. 

The league will consist of 3 Divisions; A,B,C. Placement into the divisions will be decided based on weekly average score. Players can be moved divisions throughout the season depending on their play and change in average score. 

Position Rounds:
Throughout the season there will be scheduled Position Rounds in addition to regular league scoring. Position Round nights will have additional prizes available for the lowest scores in each division that night. A handicap will be applied to everyone’s score which is calculated by their current position and average score from previous league nights. In addition there may be additional side games such as longest putt, or shootouts based on the level of participation.

Minimum number of Rounds and Rain Outs:
In order to qualify for end of year prizes, you must participate in a minimum of 70% of the league days. Assuming all 20 weeks are eligible to be played that would require you to attend 14 out of 20 weeks to qualify. 
If there is a possibility of inclement weather any cancellations will be done at least 4 hours prior to league start to ensure everyone has time to plan accordingly. 
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