Week #8 – ACE RACE

This week will be running an ace race type format. You will receive 1pt for any metal hit and 3pts for an ace. When submitting your udisc scorecard this week only mark a score on the holes where a point was recorded.

Advanced & Recreational: Ace points will be counted on their first shot

Women’s Division: Ace points will be counted on their first or second shot.


Hole #1 – no one hits metal = do not put any score for that hole

Hole #2 – player 1 hits the basket = enter score of 1 for player 1, leave remaining player scores blank .

Hole #3 – player 2 gets an ace = enter a score of 3 for player 2

Week #3 – Summer League

Week #3 – Stableford format

Today is the start of week 3 and we will be playing a stableford format which is popular in traditional ball golf. This format is designed to promote exciting and aggressive play.

Players will be awarded points for their score on each hole, and the player with the most points (not the lowest score) will win. The point system works as follows.

  • Ace = 5 points
  • Birdie = 3 points
  • Par = 1 point
  • Bogey = -1 point
  • Double or Worst = -3 points

Have fun!