Board Member Selection

On February 21st at 7pm, we are going to be selecting our inaugural board of directors.

There are 6 spots open for nomination.

Vice President
Executive Board Member x 2

Please consider coming to the meeting, either to run for a spot or help vote in our first board members.

Message us for details.

The course is mapped out!

Penhorwood Park – Soon to be home of the Kiwanis of Lakeshore Disc Golf Course!


I had the pleasure of mapping out the Kiwanis of Lakeshore course recently.  It was my first time mapping out a course, so I was a bit nervous.  I wanted to make sure it flows right and provides varying degrees of difficulty.  After testing it out with some fellow disc golfers, it was mission accomplished.

The course comments that came back…

“It flows wonderfully.  Very intuitive.”

“Some easy to learn on holes and some more technical challenges… I like it.”

The first hole is just a straight shot up the field.  It ends near a tree, but doesn’t provide any obstacles.  If this is your first time out, hopefully it will give you some confidence.  From there, we move directly to one of the tougher holes.   You must navigate around a thick set of trees and then attempt to hit the basket with some low lying limbs trying to block you out.  From there it is a mix of both with each hole providing a unique challenge.

On hole 10, our shortest hole at 35 metres, will both excite and frustrate people.   Do you lay up short or attempt to hit the chains?  If you miss, you’ll be on a bit of walk down a hill. You see, the basket sits on the crest of a steep hill, so you really need to evaluate risk vs. reward.

The course is 12 holes and hopefully you’ll enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Curtis Vanderloo
Future Disc Golf Champion?

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