It’s a Discy Business

Where can I get discs?

It’s a question commonly asked these days in Sault Ste. Marie.  Up until a few months, people might have looked at you a bit strangely with a question such as that.

These days, the answer is pretty simple.  ZooZoo in the Station Mall or online.

I’ve been playing disc golf for a number of years now and have traveled (while not extensively) to a few other cities and played a few other courses.  Along my travels I have gone in search of new discs and except for one store down near Detroit, I haven’t been impressed with the selections I’ve come across.  Normally, there is a scattering of putters, a few drivers and some cheap mid ranges.

Online the variety is endless, but shipping costs are sometimes a burden and I really like to feel the plastic in my hand, so those are a few strikes there.  You can certainly hit a home run with some mixed misprint defects.  It’s usually a variety pack and you won’t know what you get, but that is part of the appeal.

This past weekend (July 16th, 2017) I ventured into ZooZoo.  I had called Mario (owner) a few weeks before and he agreed to carry some discs.  When I walked in the store, he didn’t just carry some discs, he bought the entire Innova line up.  From super high quality discs to cheaper beginner discs.  The selection is truly one of the best in store selections I’ve seen.  I dropped a few bucks for a disc and a bag to add to my growing collection and look forward to picking up a few more discs soon.

He took a gamble on a sport not widely known in the Sault and after some more discussion and comparison, the prices he is selling the discs for are pretty well in line with most other places.

If you have a chance, head to ZooZoo and check out his selection.  Tell Mario that Curtis sent you.  That doesn’t carry any clout but at least he’ll know that you are there because of the Sault Disc Golf Association.  He’s supporting our love of the sport and if we can, I’d like to give that support back.

Want to compare selections and prices?  Head across the river and check our Meijer and Dunham’s Sport.



League night #2!

Wet.  Really wet.  That’s the best way to describe league night number 2.  Thankfully the downpour happened just before tee off time and only the ground was wet.

Even with the not so wonderful weather, we increased players from 8 to 12.  There were no hole in ones this week, but Dan ‘the man’ Doucette managed to shoot a 33 or 3 under par, besting his first outing of 1 under par.  Luke Macmichael joined late in the day on Thursday, but managed to tie Dan at 3 under.  Will he be able to repeat next week?

We also had our first out of bounds play, as a disc landed in the middle of Pine street.  No cars were hit and [more importantly ;)] the disc survived!  We won’t name names, but J.G. had the honour of being our first out of bounds shooter.

ZooZoo at the station now has discs and Mario (store owner) says they are flying off the rack.  He is excited to help support and grow the league, so please consider supporting him.  They have one of the best disc selections I’ve seen, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find a disc that works for you.

Rumour has it that even more people are considering signing up.  I’m beyond excited to see our league grow!

Until next week… Happy Golfing.




League Night 1 in the books

Wow!  After a huge storm rolled through the city in the afternoon, the clouds gave way and sunlight sparkled on the disc golf course.  Sure it was a little wet in spots, but the weather was great.

So what did you miss on our historic opening league night?  Mark Jones is what you missed. Mark is a fairly new player to disc golf, only having tried the course a handful of times before league night.  On hole 5, at a very respectable distance of 72 metres or 236 feet he scored the first and only ace on the night,  a glorious hole in 1.  With the basket tucked in beside a few trees, this was a fantastic shot.  Congrats Mark!  Group 2 was on the approach to hole 8 when we heard those chains rattle.

Mark had a glorious shot, but the night belonged to Dan Doucette.  He came in at 1 under par.  Consistency was the name of his game as his putt’s were on point.   Dan utilized a strong forehand shot for many of the holes.  He worked the course well and will likely be the one to beat as the season progresses.

It isn’t too late to join… your three worst scores get thrown out over the 15 weeks, so there is still plenty of time to join and have a chance to be immortalized on our championship plaque!

Will you be Sault Ste. Marie’s first disc golf champion?


Try our League night…

If you build it, they will come and come you have!  We are so excited to see so many people trying out the course.

Have you considered playing in a more structured format where your score actually counts towards something?  On Thursday nights at 7 pm, we have our league night.

What do you get when you sign up?

  • First refusal of tournament spots
  • A Personalized Towel Tag
  • Insurance
  • Structured competition
  • Ontario Disc Sports Association Membership
  • Satisfaction of knowing you are helping grow Disc Golf in Sault Ste. Marie

Win the season and get:

  • You’re name engraved on a championship plaque (2017 will be the first year)
  • A disc bag

You’ll get 15 weeks of scored play starting July 6th.  Your three lowest scores will be dropped, so you can take vacation or miss a week and not worry too much about it.
12 holes, 12 weeks of scoring… feels right eh?

2017 Open League – Open – Click the link to sign up

Tee times will start at 7pm and drop down as the sun changes.  It is a shot gun start format, so that means everyone starts at the same time at a different hole.

By signing up, you are helping to grow Disc Golf in Sault Ste. Marie.  We would love to build another course and with your help, we will!

Grand Opening

Saturday June 17th, 2017 is the official grand opening of Sault Ste. Marie’s first disc golf course. The course is officially named the Kiwanis Club of Lakeshore Disc Golf Course.

We are truly grateful for the generosity received from the Kiwanis Club of Lakeshore. They helped to make this dream become a reality by providing the funding we need to purchase the equipment and signage.

Margaret Hazelton and Travis Reid from the City of Sault Ste. Marie also played huge roles in the development and opening of this course and we can’t thank them enough.

On Saturday at 1 pm the course will be officially open to the public and we’ll start to hear the chains rattle.

Happy golfing everyone.

Rain… Rain…


Our team has been hard at work setting up for our inaugural season, but the rain is putting a damper on things.

We need the rain to stop and the field to dry, so the baskets can be put in the ground. Once the baskets are in the ground, we’ll be flying in no time.

On the agenda:

  • We have a big grand opening event being planned (details to come).
  • Plan to run at least 4 league nights.
  • Learn to play days.
  • Bag tags season long competition (more info to come)
  • Fun, fun and more fun!


Just need the rain to go away and come back some other day!


Last night (February 21, 2017), the Sault Disc Golf Association, elected its first board of directors.

All positions were acclaimed, with the caveat that should two people run for the same position, there would be a disc golf competition to determine the winner.  The competition had the potential to be intense with life and limbs at risk.

Congratulations to:

Jack Davidson, President (Two year term)

Curtis Vanderloo, Vice President & Treasurer (One year Term)

Brandon Tomasone, Secretary (Two year Term)

Jen Amadio, Executive Board Member (Two year Term)

Tyler Epp, Executive Board Member (One year Term)

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