2021 SDGA Tags League

Active Leaderboard – updated at least weekly

Scott WhiteJoey BoucherCraig MathesonMichael BoucherRiley Lytwynec
Blake SullivanJulian BorrelliMichael SkinnerJesse TurcoChad Ingram
Vincent GuzzoTyler GallantSteve HoltomGarrett PinkneyBilly T
Dan DoucetteKris NicholsCarleen GreenMissing in ActionDaniel Hermann
Jordy MackayWesley DiPietroPaul AllanPatrick ComfortTyson Franz
Austin PineDevyn HensonBrad MathesonTodd McleishCori Murdock

What we are aiming for is a formal Thursday Tags night starting at 6 pm. This will entail small groups (due to COVID-19 restrictions) composed of similar tag numbers. For example, if players who hold tags 1 through 4 are present, that would be one group. During these evenings, all the group’s tags will be put up for grabs. Therefore, whomever wins within the group of 4 will take the lowest tag number (tag number 1 in the example above) and so on down the scorecard.

However, this will be a flexible format and there will be ample opportunity to challenge others any day of the week. These challenges can happen on the course if you spot a tag you want or online via the Facebook group. When you are playing these more casual rounds, ensure that all parties agree on the format (stroke play, match play etc.), as well as the number of holes the players are playing. In addition, create a way to determine a winner in the event of a tie prior to starting your challenge.