Soo Blaster 2021 Putting Ice Bowl Official Format

Date: Saturday February 27th
Time:  12:00 PM – 4:00 PM
Location: Soo Blaster -345 Queen St E, Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 1Z2
Cost:$20.00 / Player + 1 canned good

All proceeds raised from the event is donated to the Salvation Army of Sault Ste Marie

Tournament Format

The 2021 Putting Ice Bowl will be played as an indoor Disc Golf Putting Competition consisting of 2 different challenges.

Round #1 – Bracket style 3 distance putting

In round 1, all registered players are placed in a randomized bracket to determine matchups. Each match will consist of 2 players competing 1v1 to determine who moves onto the next round.

Round 1 will be broken out into 3 stations of increasing distance, and each player gets 2 putts from each station.

Station #112 to 15 feet  1 point per made putt 
Station #2   30 to 33 feet  3 points per made putt
Station #340 to 43 feet 5 points per made putt

The player with the most points in each match moves onto the next round.

After everyone has had a chance to go, the players who did not advance after their first match will be placed in a WILDCARD pool. Everyone in the WILDCARD pool will receive 1 putt from 25 feet. If a player misses their putt they are eliminated. Players will continue 1 by 1 to putt from 25 feet until only 2 players remain. Those players will be granted entry back into the Round 1 Bracket.

Round #2 – Putting Skills Competition

In Round 2 players will have the chance to putt from several stations each consisting of a different skill or challenge. Challenges range from putting through an object, over an object and under and object. Players each receive 2 putts from each station and will be awarded 1 point for each putt made.

Additional information will be made available through e-mail and Facebook to those who have registered. Ensure to join the Facebook Even to stay up to date on all the details.