League Rules and Format

2020 Sault Disc Golf Association (SDGA) Summer League

The format of this year’s league has been modified to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone involved.

Safety First

It is our primary focus to ensure the safety of everyone playing Disc Golf in Sault Ste. Marie. Please follow these simple rules so that we can continue playing disc golf;

  1. Two Meter Distance. Always remain 2-meters or 6 feet apart during your round, unless you are from the same household. If someone gets to close just say “2 meters” as a reminder.
  2. No Large Groups. We ask that all groups are limited to a maximum of 4 players. Maintain 2-meter distance even within this groups (unless same household)
  3. Do not touch another players’ equipment. When playing please ensure that you only play with and pick-up your discs, do not touch other players discs unless they are from the same household.
  4. One disc in the basket at a time. If a player makes a putt, that player must remove their disc before the next player proceeds to putt.
  5. Keep your distance from other groups. Our course is small, please do not approach another group. If a group is teeing off, please wait by the basket on the previous hole. If a group is putting out, please remain on the tee until they clear the basket area.

League Format

In efforts to avoid larger gatherings at the course at the same time, we are NOT holding league at a designated date and time, instead we are allowing players to submit their league rounds every week. League weeks will run from Saturday to Friday, with all weekly league scores needing to be submitted by 8pm on Friday.

Each week will be a different game and prizes will be awarded to the winners on a week by week basis. All winners will be awarded SDGA Dollars which are redeemable for prizes from the SDGA Store. The SDGA store can be viewed by visiting SDGA Store .

The game for the upcoming week will be announced on the website and can viewed by visiting Events Calendar and clicking on the current week.

League Rules

  1. Players can submit 1 league score per week.
  2. Scores MUST be recorded using the UDISC app.
  3. In order for a scorecard to be valid it must contain at least 3 registered league players on it.
  4. The scorecard must be emailed to sault_discgolf@outlook.com before 8pm on Friday to count for that week.
  5. Once a scorecard is submitted no further submissions will be accepted for those players for that week.
  6. All winners and prizes will be announced on the Facebook page and the Website by Monday following the league week.

Prize Redemption:

If you have accumulated enough SDGA Dollars to redeem a prize, please email sault_discgolf@outlook.com, and quote the item from the SDGA store you wish to redeem as well as your name. You will be contacted to arrange contactless drop off of the prize.

Score Submission using UDisc:

The UDisc app can be download from Google Play Store or Apple Itunes

Questions, Suggestions or Concerns

We appreciate the uniqueness of this season and understand that you may have questions or concerns regarding the operations of this year’s league. Please do not hesitate to reach out to sault_discgolf@outlook.com or message us on our Facebook page by visiting Sault Disc Golf Association Facebook page