2018 Bag Tag Challenge

In 2018, we’ll be adding a little side game for the summer.  You don’t need to be a league member to play, you’ll just need to purchase a bag tag (coming soon).

What is a bag tag?

A bag tag is an individually numbered tag you attach to your disc golf bag (or whatever you can attach it to while playing).  It identifies you as a social player who is willing to challenge another in a friendly competition.

How does it work?

Let’s say you show up on the disc golf course on Saturday morning and you have tag numbered 15.  You see someone else on the course with a tag numbered 11.  Strike up a casual conversation and then challenge that player for their tag.  The ultimate goal is to have the lowest numbered tag by the end of the summer.

It’s fun and a great way to meet other players and make new friends.


bag tag


Tags for the general public will be available in May.
To get a lower number, sign up for Thursday’s open league before April 25th.  Tags will be assigned in the order people pre-register.

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