League night #3

What a difference one week can make.  Last week, rubber boots and maybe a paddle boat would have been an ideal way to make our way around the course.  This week, blue sky, warm sun, green DRY grass.

We now have 17 people signed up for league night and I think that is fantastic!  This is the final week to sign up, but that will be covered in a different post.

My name is Curtis Vanderloo and I have just joined the ACE club!  Hole 3 at 56 meters or 183 feet.  After hitting the tree just past the tee box the last few weeks, I made a small adjustment and the disc found its way right to the centre of the chains.  I love to hear the chains rattle!

Unofficial winner of the night was Nicholas Raymo (sign up man!) with an impressive -4 on the night.  Official winner of the night belonged to Dan “Consistency” Doucette with a -3.  Except for the roller he tried on hole 11, which rolled right into a tree and led to his only bogie, he hit par or birdied.

We also had some major improvements from last week to this week.  Michael Skinner shot a -1 or a 6 shot improvement.  Darryn Ross went from 8 over last week to 3 over.  Alder Devries had the biggest jump, from 14 over to 6 over.

All in all a fantastic evening.

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