It’s a Discy Business

Where can I get discs?

It’s a question commonly asked these days in Sault Ste. Marie.  Up until a few months, people might have looked at you a bit strangely with a question such as that.

These days, the answer is pretty simple.  ZooZoo in the Station Mall or online.

I’ve been playing disc golf for a number of years now and have traveled (while not extensively) to a few other cities and played a few other courses.  Along my travels I have gone in search of new discs and except for one store down near Detroit, I haven’t been impressed with the selections I’ve come across.  Normally, there is a scattering of putters, a few drivers and some cheap mid ranges.

Online the variety is endless, but shipping costs are sometimes a burden and I really like to feel the plastic in my hand, so those are a few strikes there.  You can certainly hit a home run with some mixed misprint defects.  It’s usually a variety pack and you won’t know what you get, but that is part of the appeal.

This past weekend (July 16th, 2017) I ventured into ZooZoo.  I had called Mario (owner) a few weeks before and he agreed to carry some discs.  When I walked in the store, he didn’t just carry some discs, he bought the entire Innova line up.  From super high quality discs to cheaper beginner discs.  The selection is truly one of the best in store selections I’ve seen.  I dropped a few bucks for a disc and a bag to add to my growing collection and look forward to picking up a few more discs soon.

He took a gamble on a sport not widely known in the Sault and after some more discussion and comparison, the prices he is selling the discs for are pretty well in line with most other places.

If you have a chance, head to ZooZoo and check out his selection.  Tell Mario that Curtis sent you.  That doesn’t carry any clout but at least he’ll know that you are there because of the Sault Disc Golf Association.  He’s supporting our love of the sport and if we can, I’d like to give that support back.

Want to compare selections and prices?  Head across the river and check our Meijer and Dunham’s Sport.



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