League night #2!

Wet.  Really wet.  That’s the best way to describe league night number 2.  Thankfully the downpour happened just before tee off time and only the ground was wet.

Even with the not so wonderful weather, we increased players from 8 to 12.  There were no hole in ones this week, but Dan ‘the man’ Doucette managed to shoot a 33 or 3 under par, besting his first outing of 1 under par.  Luke Macmichael joined late in the day on Thursday, but managed to tie Dan at 3 under.  Will he be able to repeat next week?

We also had our first out of bounds play, as a disc landed in the middle of Pine street.  No cars were hit and [more importantly ;)] the disc survived!  We won’t name names, but J.G. had the honour of being our first out of bounds shooter.

ZooZoo at the station now has discs and Mario (store owner) says they are flying off the rack.  He is excited to help support and grow the league, so please consider supporting him.  They have one of the best disc selections I’ve seen, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find a disc that works for you.

Rumour has it that even more people are considering signing up.  I’m beyond excited to see our league grow!

Until next week… Happy Golfing.




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