League Night 1 in the books

Wow!  After a huge storm rolled through the city in the afternoon, the clouds gave way and sunlight sparkled on the disc golf course.  Sure it was a little wet in spots, but the weather was great.

So what did you miss on our historic opening league night?  Mark Jones is what you missed. Mark is a fairly new player to disc golf, only having tried the course a handful of times before league night.  On hole 5, at a very respectable distance of 72 metres or 236 feet he scored the first and only ace on the night,  a glorious hole in 1.  With the basket tucked in beside a few trees, this was a fantastic shot.  Congrats Mark!  Group 2 was on the approach to hole 8 when we heard those chains rattle.

Mark had a glorious shot, but the night belonged to Dan Doucette.  He came in at 1 under par.  Consistency was the name of his game as his putt’s were on point.   Dan utilized a strong forehand shot for many of the holes.  He worked the course well and will likely be the one to beat as the season progresses.

It isn’t too late to join… your three worst scores get thrown out over the 15 weeks, so there is still plenty of time to join and have a chance to be immortalized on our championship plaque!

Will you be Sault Ste. Marie’s first disc golf champion?


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